50 Happy Things

Instead of coming up with a Christmas wish list, I thought it would be nicer to use this Christmas to reflect on things that have made me feel happy in 2015. Okay, I didn’t think that. cherrytato mentioned it on her blog and I thought it would be fun. I would also like to thank you, Dawn, for the most lovely idea. If you have 10 minutes to spare, it’ll be great if you can join in too. The instructions are provided here. I would love to read yours too. Others’ entries can be seen here.

  1. Sleeping in a freshly made bed every night
  2. Feeling the Sun on my face
  3. People saying ‘thank you’
  4. Having time to myself
  5. Laughing so hard it hurts
  6. Snuggling on the sofa with my mum
  7. Freshly made bread
  8. The clean feeling after a shower
  9. When my favourite song comes on the radio
  10. Listening to the rainfall when I’m inside
  11. Freshly brewed tea
  12. The thrill of personal achievement
  13. Chocolate melting in my mouth
  14. That ‘Friday feeling’
  15. A perfectly cooked steak
  16. Doing exercise
  17. Remembering the name of something I thought I’d forgotten
  18. Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves
  19. Popping bubble wrap
  20. Dancing like no one is watching
  21. The smell of new books
  22. Getting new stationery
  23. Getting a seat on the bus
  24. My mother. I’m learning to appreciate her more because of the sacrifices she made for me
  25. My friend
  26. My home. I love that I have a place I can return to each day. I’m blessed that that is something I don’t have to question
  27. Stress. Yes, I’m thankful for stress. I learned that my life was off-kilter by the unhealthy way I responded to stress
  28. Talking. Really, our ability to communicate is so underrated
  29. The world is getting better. The world is fraught with pain, injustices, fear; all you have to do is get on Twitter to realise that. But there is so much good here, too. I’m thankful that I seem to remember that when I am most in need of that reassurance

And just to share… my favourite Christmas song!

2 thoughts on “50 Happy Things”

  1. Thanks SO much for joining Bloggers Unite In Gratitude! Each list I read (all of them) reminds me of something else I wish I’d put down. From your list, sleeping in a fresh bed each night hits it! I’m assuming you don’t mean actual fresh sheets each night… if you do, then I’m jealous! But I love that my bed is made each day, and when I get into bed, it always feels so fresh and welcoming. Thanks for reminding me of several more things I’m grateful for, and thanks so much for sharing your list with us all! 🙂


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